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DUROtherm: the company

With around 45 years  of experience, DUROtherm is specialized in the manufacture of high-quality thermoformed plastic components for a wide range of applications and industries.

DUROtherm's primary concern is comprehensive customer satisfaction in all areas of collaboration. All our thoughts and actions and all processes are focused on this goal.

This strict focus on customer requirements is achieved both through sound consultation combined with technically perfect thermoformed parts, and also through a high degree of flexibility and reliability. Our friendly, helpful, well-trained staff is another factor that ensures consistent achievement of this goal.

DUROtherm has always been owner-operated. This results in vertical responsibility and decision-making hierarchies that provide fertile ground for a high degree of performance and customer orientation. The partner relationship with customers, suppliers and employees promotes mutual trust and forms the basis for successful, sustained collaboration.

The highest standards of quality, maximum flexibility and dependability, combined with cooperativeness and fairness are factors that contribute to our success, making DUROtherm a business partner that delivers high performance now and in the future.
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