Secure Storage and Transport

Secure Storage and Transport

No matter if you need cost-saving collapsible container systems, custom-made or standardized reusable packaging, all DUROtherm packaging is suited for its individual purpose and enables easy, employee-friendly handling. It is reusable and replaces non-reusable packaging made from cardboard or wood. Depending on the system, the volume is reduced by more than 80 % when stored empty. Consequently, transport volume and costs are reduced. Our Packaging is very durable before it can be recycled by 100 % and returned to the material cycle.

  • Good value for money
  • Reliable protection of transported goods
  • High stability and ruggedness
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient packing density
  • Cost saving through reduction of volume
  • Wide range of colours and material
  • Easy handling, easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Durable, fully recyclable

Container Systems

Cost Saving Collapsible Containers

DUROtherm‘s collapsible container systems combine all major advantages of conventional container systems but go a decisive step further: they are cost-effectively priced, very robust and lightweight and make a very efficient reduction of volume possible. We offer an optimally suited collapsible container system for every application.

DUROtherm containers are available as customized types and with various optional features to meet your requirements. Of course, we can also develop containers for customer specific requirements.

Cost Saving Collapsible Containersr
ROBUPAC collapsible container

ROBUPAC collapsible container
The intelligent twin-sheet system


LARAPAC collapsible container

LARAPAC collapsible container
The lightweight single-sheet system


DUROPAC collapsible container

DUROPAC collapsible container
For euro or H1-pallets


Reusable Packaging

Customized and Standardized Reusable Packing

Customized pallet systems, containers, separators and form inserts by DUROtherm are specifically tailored to meet individual requirements and make high economic viability and high transport safety possible.

Standardized containers and form inserts with individualized accommodations as well as standardized separators take a great share in reducing costs of logistics and lay the foundations for many circulations in the logistics chain.

Customized Reusable Packaging

Standardized Reusable Packaging


DSLP heavy-duty pallets

Twin-Sheet-Paletten für Rungengestelle

Twin-sheet pallets for stanchion racks

Zwischenlagen für Räder nach VDA 4503

Separators for wheels according to VDA 4503